Friday, July 25, 2008

Bison Kabob Mashwi with Loomi

Bison Kabob Mashwi
seasoned with spices and loomi then grilled and served with spiced brown rice, salate, and seer moss (garlic yogurt), topped with sumac

The mint, garlic, and lemon yogurt sauce, dusted with sumac!

I picked up free-roaming, grass fed, all natural ground bison (buffalo) at Pike Place today! It was random and a great idea. It is so much more sustainable, leaner, healthier, and I dare say a touch more flavorful than beef. In case you have never tried it - I highly recommend it. I found the ground meat for $5.69/lb, which at its fat level of <7%, natural beef is no cheaper! I'm trying to do a bit more research, but from what I have read thus far - the bison is native to America, and when free-roaming does not have nearly the same impact as commercial beef. However, I'm sure either in excess would be harmful, so it's a nice occasional treat.

On to the seasonings! I got the recipe for the kabobs from that great cookbook Nate gave me: "Cooking with Herbs and Spices" by Linda Tubby.

Truly delicious - whole dried lemons, used from around the Arab world. Traditionally buried in the sand to dry! I bought them whole from PFI, split it in half and ground it up and put it in the meat mix.

Otherwise, it had a mixture of cinnamon, cloves, coriander, nutmeg, and turmeric. It also had onion, mint and parsley (the recipe called for marjoram, which I lacked).

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