Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Why you don't always have to grill bloody things...

Pizza alla Griglia*
with whole wheat dough, olive oil, mozzarella, garlic, sun-dried tomatoes, red onions, grilled zucchini and fresh basil

* "grilled pizza"! - I'm pretending I know Italian.

I had to split it into two sections just for ease of cooking:

Absolutely phenomenal. I was really truly pleased with this one- and that's hard for me. There were weak points - my crust, while good, needed to be lighter. Apparently I can achieve this by adding in some gluten into my whole-wheat dough so it rises more. That'll definitely be on my list. But the toppings and the grilled flavor in the dough can't be beat. The grilled zucchini was absolutely delicious. I intentionally didn't cover the pizza with cheese - I wanted to see my ingredients.

Thanks to: Steve Raichlen and his great cookbook which gave the inspiration and dough recipe: How to Grill

How to grill pizza:

Make the dough (find a recipe!). Then roll it out onto well oiled aluminum foil or a long board or cookie sheet. I used aluminum, but next time I'll try a board. I wouldn't worry about the shape - that's kind of the beauty of it. But I modeled my shape after the grill.

I split mine in two, and then carried the pieces over to my well-oiled, very hot grill and flipped them upside down to release the dough onto the grate. Once one side is nice and golden, flip it over and QUICKLY add all the toppings you want! Lower the heat a lot, or prepare a cooler part of the grill, or raise the grates. Now close the lid and leave it alone so everything melts and the crust gets browned but not burned. Mine burned a little before the cheese was melted completely since I left the heat a touch high.

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